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Sonia Choquette

A sure-fire way to reignite your dreams and change your life is to follow your intuition and trust your guiding spirit!

Can you imagine… Being really happy? Feeling loved and secure?

Knowing and trusting your intuition? Loving your life?

You can. But not if your spirit is asleep. It’s time to wake up your spirit and wake up your life.

To live a happy, joyful, sexy, successful, REAL life, your spirit has to be awake and alive. The key to waking up your spirit starts with listening to your inner voice and trusting your intuition.

Your intuition is your magic wand. It will transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Waking up your spirit and trusting your intuition will…

  • Keep you safe and protected
  • Show you the way to making money in a meaningful satisfying way
  • Lead you to and attract you to love, friendship and support at the highest level
  • Renew your physical and mental health
  • Light your inner fire

Teaching you how to wake up your spirit and trust your intuition is my purpose in life. Don’t waste time. Don’t accept anything less from yourself and from life. Let me show you how…

All my love,


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You Changed My Life!

Wayne Dyer, Steven Covey, Oprah and others were my teachers through my 20’s and 30’s. When I discovered Sonia it changed everything. I was fresh out of a destructive relationship, had strained relationships with my children and was starting over in many ways in my 40’s. Sonia’s ability to teach at a core level and then build on that provided me with real tools to dramatically change my life. My relationships deepened and my career flourished. Living an Intuitive Life is a game changer!”
Thank you Sonia!!!
Kenya from Illinois

My Self Esteem and Confidence Are Growing

Sonia’s essence is pure love. She taught me to listen and trust my intuition. My self esteem and confidence are growing as I never imagined.

Camilo Amaya

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Your Energy and Insight Are The Best

Your message on stage was great. You have opened my heart to what my eyes were hiding. The combination of your energy and information you emitted was empowering to me. However, the energy of your giving of a heartfelt hug has elevated me to an energy level I have not experienced in a long time. I will do my best to give that goodwill energy you have provided to me and share it with others around me. Looking forward to my next Sonia Choquette experience.
Tony Brasacchio Melbourne, Australia