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Connect to your Spirit and Trust your Vibes...

The only way to be successful and happy.

Are you ready to activate YOUR intuition and…

  • Feel happy and peaceful?
  • Make decisions that empower you?
  • Move through the world confident and secure?
  • Find financial freedom and creative satisfaction?
  • Attract and sustain meaningful relationships?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, it’s time to turn on your intuition and put it to use. Don’t wait. I’ll show you how.


Your sixth sense opens the way!

When you trust your vibes, you are stepping into the full power of who you really are and that is how you create the life you really want. You don’t develop intuition. It’s natural. You activate it.


The Queen of Intuition

Intuitive Guide

Business Mentor

N.Y. Times Best-Selling Author

The time is now!

I’ve been traveling the world and working with people since
I was 12 years old.

In all that time, I’ve never met a person who
is not intuitive. But I’ve met a million people
who won’t give themselves permission to
trust their inner knowing.

The truth is, you started out in life tuned into your intuition, but
culturally, little by little, you’ve been conditioned to tune it out.

You’ve been forced to surrender to external authorities who took your power from you. Parents, teachers, churches, and “leaders” – drove you into your head and away from your heart.  

You learned – if you want to belong, you have to listen to others and not to your heart.

That meant you had to abandon yourself. And unfortunately you did. Not any longer.


I’ve witnessed, first-hand, frustration, emotional pain, and uncertainty, ignoring your intuition causes. This is all unnecessary and easily corrected. You just have to turn your inner light back on.

I am on a mission to reactivate your sixth sense and give you back your power.

You need your Intuition because

It helps you shed your fears, restore your confidence, fuel your creativity, and feel secure and happy. 

Step into your authentic power by opening your heart, connecting to your Spirit, activating your intuition, and working with your angels and guides.

Allow me to guide you back home.

All my love,

“Sonia is the most authentic, skilled guide and teacher in the world of intuitive ability I’ve ever encountered.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

“I love Sonia. She’s a beautiful, sweet soul with a Divine connection. She shows how you too can connect with your own intuition. In my world, Sonia is tops!”

Louise Hay

“Join Sonia Choquette on an unforgettable exploration of the heart and soul, and experience your own profound peace and healing.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D.