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Awaken to the Fullness of an Authentic Life!
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Looking to hone your intuition?

If you want to experience a more meaningful, successful, productive, body, and soul-satisfying life, it all comes down to trusting your innate sixth sense.

Inside the Trust Your Vibes course, you will gain clear guidance and direction on how to…

  • Feel certain in your decisions
  • Be more creative
  • Be clear on what is and isn’t right for you
  • Make more money
  • Attract and improve your relationships
  • Live fully with purpose

By trusting our “vibes” and using our intuitive intelligence, we are better equipped to make safer, smarter, more satisfying decisions. Intuition is the missing factor in our lives and I will help you make this happen today!

This Course

is for you if...

You’re tired of trying to “figure it all out”—seeking answers without avail…

  • You feel stuck, overwhelmed or in the dark
  • You feel lost or disconnected from yourself and your path
  • You are intuitive but don’t trust it (or regret it later)
  • You have a sense of right/wrong and what is good/not good for you, but you don’t know what to do with it
  • You want to be more confident in your decisions and actions
  • You want to feel joy on a daily basis

Join me inside to get on the path to real confidence and freedom!

You will genuinely feel empowered, your fear will transform into confidence, and your anxiety will shift into courage.

Imagine always having clear inner direction, being at peace with the decisions you make, and taking action without agonising over what to do.

Sign up for the Trust Your Vibes course and I’ll teach you how to make this your reality!

All my love,


renowned, 40-year Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Teacher, Sonia Choquette

delivers the simple steps you need to Trust Your Vibes and find your way to the life you really want!

When you learn how to Trust Your Vibes—to turn on your inner guidance system—and allow the universe to support you, your world will instantly begin to work! Your relationships will heal, abundance will flow to you, and you will remember the joy that has always been available to you.

Free yourself to live the life you have always wanted!

phase 1: wake up your spirit

Inside this course, you will…
  • Connect with Your Authentic Spirit – Learn how to free yourself from outdated versions of your life and connect with your Authentic Spirit as you are today!
  • Find the Courage to Being Anew – Propelled by clarity of what steps to take, you will overcome fear and resistance to change, allowing you to move forward into new beginnings with ease and grace.
  • Wake Up Your Life – Awaken to a whole new way of living as you let your Spirit lead you to the most genuine expression of yourself.

phase 2: trust your vibes

  • Unlock Your Intuitive Powers – Access the step-by-step formula for removing inner blocks and unleashing your inner guidance system.
  • Trust Your Vibes – Learn to trust and direct your intuition—your Authentic Spirit—so that you can make more confident decisions and take action without agonising over what to do.
  • Trust Yourself – See past the stress, overwhelm and (false) problems in your mind and trust that you are loved and divinely guided on your path.

When you tap into your intuition

You find your way back to the real, fabulous, empowered you!

Stop trying to play small and figure everything out
and let your vibes lead you to
all the love and happiness your heart desires!

Let me show you how!

Listening to the day’s lesson has become an integral part of my morning quiet time ritual. I hear something new every time I listen again and find such comfort and hope in Sonia’s teachings. I truly feel I have a new lease on life and am thriving these days on a whole new loving and supportive spiritual basis.

– Jackie Bridger

I was very sensitive and intuitive as a child and I shut it down in order to be “strong” for the world. Now I can come back to myself, and Sonia’s teachings are helping me fine-tune the process. The course has depth and you feel like you are one of the students live in the studio with the teacher. I think it is as good as it gets.

– Yudian

I’ve only had the course for a week, but after immediately starting, I have felt my sixth sense start to kick in higher gear right out of the gate. It’s been an incredible week, and I’m looking forward to how much more this course is going to do for me. This was a great purchase for me as I am looking to up my game.

– Christina

As someone who has experienced profound yet uncontrolled psychic insights, I was looking for guidance. I found it! It’s an in-depth course that gives you plenty of exercises that challenge your way of thinking and nurtures you on a path of controlled and functional psychic awareness. I look forward to discovering more about myself and my psychic abilities as I practice! Thanks Sonia! Great job!

– Mark

I find the Course so well put together. The quality of the videos is excellent. The teachings, exercises are fabulous, and the guided meditations – well they’re something else entirely! I feel so much love and daily hands-on guidance coming from Sonia’ Guides. They are with me so much of the time as I go through the course, helping me define my own spiritual journey, and assisting in my work with others. I feel more ease, clarity and heightened intuitive awareness. ... Thank you, Sonia!

– Margaret Sweet

This program is full of information that would benefit anyone in living a fuller life. The content is beautifully organized to explain a fuller way of living as well as practical exercises as if you were in the workshop. I especially appreciate the work on yourself first approach, becoming a worker of light first in my own life…the responsibility approach…being cognizant of what energies I bring into the world.

- Suzi

This course is amazing! Truly a wealth of information and the meditations are priceless. I love this class! I love how Sonia cuts through the BS and tells it like it is, while acknowledging the beauty of who we are. I love it! ... As I take these courses, I feel like I am entering into a family, not like I am sending money into some vast wasteland of Internet space.

– Rebecca Wigley

Buy the Course, Get the book!

When you enroll in the Trust Your Vibes course, you get the book shipped directly to you!

– Lifetime Access to 12 New Video Lessons

You’ll get immediate, lifetime access to Sonia’s online course, featuring high definition video modules on:

  • Begin at the Beginning
  • Tune In & Listen to Your Body
  • Understand How Your Intuition Works for You
  • Creating a Good Vibes Protective Field (great for empaths!)
  • Activate Your Heart-Based Intuition
  • Expect Guidance, Solutions & Support
  • Ask for Guidance
  • Quiet Time & Meditation
  • Identify Your Intentions
  • It’s Time to Reclaim the Power of Play
  • Surround Yourself with Positive Community
  • Embrace the Adventure


– 52 page action guide

This 52 page action guide is here to help you step by step through each lesson. Use it as a notebook to put your thoughts onto paper. 


– A Copy of the Trust Your Vibes Book

We’ll send you a physical copy of the BRAND NEW Trust Your Vibes book, shipped directly to you. The book will act as a textbook to follow along during the course, as well as a resource for when you need a reminder of how powerful you really are!

* We reserve the right to credit your account $20 in place of shipping the book as we are unable to ship to certain locations.


– Lifetime Support (priceless)

You’ll also get lifetime membership in a private Facebook group where you can find all the support you need.

Turn on Your Inner Guidance System,

and Awaken to the Fullness of an Authentic Life!
It’s Time to Trust Your Vibes.

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Tune into your intuition at the highest level!

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Have questions? We have answers.

I'm new to tapping into my intuition. Should I practice before joining Trust Your Vibes?

No need to practice alone! We all have intuition, but most people forget how to use it. This interactive coaching program is designed to meet you where you’re at. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned psychic or a beginner… This program will help you grow!

How will my life change after joining Trust Your Vibes?

When you learn how to tap into your sixth-sense and receive guidance from your guides/angels, your entire life will change. It will feel like you turned on a light in a dark room!

You’ll experience more love in your relationships, more money in your bank account and an overall feeling of peace in your day-to-day activities. You will also feel like you’re not alone… you always have an “invisible family” supporting and guiding you in your decisions. You can tap into your intuitive guidance anytime you need it.

How fast will my desires start to manifest?

This depends on how open you are to receiving what you want. The only reason you’re unable to manifest your desires right now is because you have emotional blocks that make you feel unworthy of having them.

When you learn how to tap into your sixth-sense and trust your guidance, you’ll notice that all of these old blocks/insecurities will start to melt away… revealing your true authentic self. As a pure spiritual being, you will manifest like magic!

How's the course different from other courses?

Sonia has studied the complex concepts of intuition and energy work for over 20 years. She takes the time to explain the journey to self-mastery in a way that is easy to understand and action oriented.

Sonia has structured the interactive program in such a way that lets you instantly implement the lessons that you need in your life right now.

This particular program is VERY different from Sonia’s previous courses because you will have the opportunity to interact with her DIRECTLY. The live Q&A sessions is where you can put what you’ve learned into action and get answers directly from Sonia herself!

What if I don't like the course? Can I get a refund?

💯 Yes! Join the Trust Your Vibes Interactive Coaching Program today and you will have 30 days to try it out. If you feel that we’re just not your cup of tea, just send us an email and we’ll give you a full 100% refund!

How do I receive the book?

If we are able to ship the book to you, we will physically ship you the book when it is released on June 21st. If, we are not able to ship the book to you, we will credit you $20 so that you can purchase it locally or e-version.

How will the live kick off workshop take place.

This will be a 90 minute kick off workshop hosted either on Zoom or Facebook Live. Details will be emailed to you at least 72 hours in advance. A recording of the workshop will be available to you immediately after.