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We need to tap into our
intuition to build
confidence and peace of
mind. We need each other.

As a member of The Good Vibes Tribe, we can promise you
that your life, your dreams, your goals, your sense of well-
being will all soar. You will connect to your highest Self,
your Spirit, your Soul. And you will find a family and a
community that supports and celebrates you in every way.

Whats New

Brand New Benefits

Daily Live Teachings

Every day I will teach, talk, laugh and be part of your good vibes.

13 Online Courses

Access to 13 of my most popular courses ($3,000 Value)

New Mobile App

Take the Good Vibes with you wherever you go.

There are 26 perks to becoming a member.

Here are a few highlights…


Daily inspiration & weekly emails from Sonia

Start every week with a healthy dose of inspiration and accountability for your daily practices


13 online courses

The moment you join, these courses are yours for FREE. They are your portal to the Divine Support System that is just waiting to help you lead the life you were meant to live.


Mobile app

No matter where you go, inspiration and guidance can go with you with you, whenever and wherever you need it.


Daily live teachings

Our private Facebook community is a gathering place for The Good Vibes Tribe. Every day Sonia will teach, talk, dream, imagine and laugh with you.

Visual Journeys & guided meditations

Breathe a little easier. Relax. Find peace. These journeys and meditations allow you to tune into your Spirit so that you can feel supported and uplifted.

Intuitive Talks

Access some of Sonia’s favourite and most powerful live talks. These are the gems she curated herself, and she is so excited to share them with The Good Vibes Tribe.

Exclusive Discounts

As a special perk, receive up to 70% off workshops, online courses, and more.

Private Facebook Community

Get weekly lessons from Sonia, feel uplifted by group support, find your voice to share your story, and freely ask and answer questions. This community is your place to shine.

All together, this is more than $3,000 worth of online courses and bonuses, designed to strengthen your intuitive skills and connect you to your highest Self, your Spirit, your Soul.

No other membership program offers this much. With the support of your Tribe, you’ll live life at the highest level.

“I love the library of 13 classes that the membership provides. I still go back to the lessons there for “refreshers”. It’s like my “spiritual gym” for exercise. If you are having second thoughts, don’t. You’ll love it!”

Paula L.

“Joining the Good Vibes Tribe has connected me with the most amazing and supportive people, and Sonia’s participation with live videos, messages, and teachings is like having a personal guide and mentor.”


“With Sonia’s guidance and friends who support my growth, I feel very safe. I’ve learned it’s okay to get help and support, and this group is always ready to jump in and guide-you can feel the love and high vibration from this group.”

Mary Ann

“Being part of the Good Vibes Tribe gave me great friends and confidence to trust myself. At first it felt intimidating to join a large Facebook group with so many unknown people, but from the moment I stepped in I felt loved and accepted.”


“I love the vibe of the group and being a part of something so true and good for me.”



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