Meet Sonia



that when people connect with their spirit – their authentic inner guide – they naturally know, feel, express and live the greatest version of themselves.

in personal autonomy and authority.

in honesty, integrity, and being genuine and real with everyone.

that courage, from the heart, is the way to live.

that the Universe is benevolent and loving when you change the channel from Ego to Spirit.

in humanity, and that when we elevate and live in a higher place we are divine and magnificent creatures

in the goodness of people... but we must step away from being constantly threatened.

there is no obstacle too big, no situation that is insurmountable.

our human experience is a classroom and we are here to learn. We are magicians, and we must learn to create from our highest position.

there are no victims, but that people are unconscious and without awakening they will be victimized.

everyone can create a beautiful life, but you can only fully create with connection to your Spirit, other Spirits, and divine Spirit. Life is not a solo venture.

every human can change, and that when we go to our authentic self, we are powerful leaders.

in prosperity, but abundance only flows when you engage all your resources.

in people. And I love them, very much.

that with encouragement, support and direction, we can become loving and empowered, and it will not only help our lives, it will help the entire planet.

there is a call to healing.