Private Mentoring

with sonia

A one-year intensive mentoring program
that will change the direction of your life.

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Clear away all that limits you, so you can create at the highest level and
Attract your heart’s desires at lightening speed.

This exclusive program is for you if…

  • You don’t want to waste another precious minute of your life stuck in low vibration and limiting beliefs.
  • You want to feel deeply connected to yourself, your inner voice, others, and life itself.
  • You are called to be an intuitive leader… ready to guide others to empowered living.

If you are ready to step into your highest intuitive path and purpose, and do the guided inner work to break out, join me and I will show you how. 

This year-long private mentoring program empowers you to

Make lasting, exponentially, empowering shifts in your life.

Invest your time and energy into building the best foundation for your success.  

As you work one-on-one with me...

You will reconnect to your authentic Spirit and identify your soul’s path and purpose in this earthly journey.

You will develop and live in clear purpose, without subconscious baggage or the burden of your limiting past weighing you down.

I will help you heal old emotional wounds and, once and for all, eliminate all self-doubt and insecurity, so that you soar to your true potential.

You will cleanse yourself of self-sabotaging patterns – both from this life and all past lives. Suddenly you will be strong enough to break free of family lineage karma and create your own destiny.

As I mentor you, your creativity will expand, your sense of purpose will sharpen, and you will begin to manifest and attract all that you want in life, with tremendous speed.

Your physical health will improve as you feel your body, mind and Spirit thriving in sync. As you master the ability to meditate, a renewed sense of emotional peace will wash over you. You will find true joy in your earthly form.

Relationships with others will deepen, bringing more meaning and greater happiness to your life and the lives of those around you.

As you connect to you Spirits and your Guides, you will reclaim your lost Soul gifts.

You will fine tune your intuition to a masterful degree, and develop the skills and practical tools you need to begin or enhance a professional intuitive practice, if that is your desire.

You will begin to attract more Guides who will be eager to help you on your journey. They will revel in your magic, and make your life dance and dazzle around you.

Connect to your Spirit and your Guides like never before.

Reach beyond the physical realm.

Let go of wasted time, worry, confusion, guilt, and inauthenticity,

and meet life courageously so you can create at the highest level.

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Reawaken your intuition so it can protect, lead, connect, and create the best for you at all times.

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