Private Mentoring

with sonia

A 1-year intensive that will
absolutely change your life.
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Only 2 spots available!.

Clear away all that limits you, so you can create at the highest level and
Attract your heart’s desires at lightening speed.

This exclusive program is for you if...

  • You don’t want to waste another precious minute of your life stuck in low vibration and limiting beliefs
  • You want to break free from inauthentic, fearful living
  • You want to feel deeply connected to yourself, your inner voice, others, and life itself

If you are ready to take full charge of your life and do the guided inner work it takes to break free, join me today and we’ll do this together.

This year-long private mentoring program empowers you to

Make huge, life-changing, lasting,
exponential positive shifts in your life.

While no longer wasting time and money to trying to figure it all out.

As you work one-to-one with me, you will...

  • Reconnect to your Authentic Spirit
  • Identify your soul’s path
  • Develop and live in clear purpose
  • Clear subconscious baggage and bondage to the limiting past
  • Gain full access to your divine unlimited Spirit
  • Heal old emotional wounds
  • Eliminate self-doubt and insecurity
  • Identify and eliminate self-sabotaging patterns (from this and past lives)
  • Break free of family lineage karma
  • Release limiting energetic patterns and beliefs
  • Increase your creativity
  • Begin to manifest and attract at lightning speed
  • Build greater physical energy
  • Improve your health, fitness, and emotional peace
  • Improve clarity in all relationships, so they succeed
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Identify and connect with your Spirit Guides
  • Attract new guides in present time
  • Reclaim lost soul gifts
  • Master the ability to meditate, under all circumstances

Connect to your Spirit and your Spirit Guides like never before.

No longer will you be working solely in the physical realm.

Let go of wasted time, worry, confusion, guilt, and inauthenticity,

and meet life courageously so you can create at the highest level.

Take the next step!

Reawaken your intuition, so it can protect, lead, connect, and create the best for you at all times.

Only 2 spots available!

Email for more info