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Chicago, IL
June 9–10, 2018

Celebrate Your Life - Chicago

Starting Over - Finding Your True and Authentic Spirit!

This workshop with Sonia Choquette will transform pain into joy. She will guide you through processes to allow your spirit to return to its place of personal power and light to lead the new way for your life. You will retrieve lost pieces of your soul and move into the higher vibration of the pure loving spirit that you are. Sonia will work with you on releasing you from the negative frequencies and outworn vibrations that still have control over your life but serve no elevating purpose. She will introduce a series of energy shifting tools that will liberate you from internalized wounding and walk you into the frequency of healing, balance, and personal power to create a more empowered and fulfilling life. You will be freeing up energy from an old matrix to help catapult your ability to attract and create a new level of excellence!

Saskatoon - Canada
Sonia Choquette
October 5–6, 2018

Your Three Superpowers - Take Charge of Your Life!

Take Charge of Your Life!

Transforming Darkness into Light and Taking  Charge of Your Life We all face difficulties in life, death, divorce, even bad haircuts, no matter who we are. Our goal is to learn to meet  these challenges with resilience, creativity, and grace.   A life changing day not to be missed!

Itasca, IL
October 11–14, 2018

Level 3 Training

Sonia’s Level 3 Training is available for students who have completed Sonia’s Level 1 training either online or in person and level 2 in person.

Itasca, IL, USA
November 16–19, 2018

Advanced Teacher Training

For students who have completed levels 1-3

Sonia’s Teacher Training is available for students who have completed Sonia’s Level 1 -3 Training.