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3 Simple Tools for Connecting with Your Divine Support System

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Wake Up Your Spirit
September 17–23, 2018

Wake Up Your Spirit

Transform Your Life!

Live Intuitively. Live Authentically. Live Joyfully.

It’s time to start feeling happier and more fulfilled with your life. You deserve to feel connected to the people you love and to the world around you. If you’re ready to change, ready to start living the life you want, ready to feel alive both physically and spiritually, this course is designed for you. It will free you from all that is holding you back so you can have the life you always wanted.

Saskatoon - Canada
Sonia Choquette
October 5–6, 2018

Your Three Superpowers - Take Charge of Your Life!

Take Charge of Your Life!

Transforming Darkness into Light and Taking  Charge of Your Life We all face difficulties in life, death, divorce, even bad haircuts, no matter who we are. Our goal is to learn to meet  these challenges with resilience, creativity, and grace.   A life changing day not to be missed!

Itasca, IL
October 11–14, 2018

Level 3 Training

Sonia’s Level 3 Training is available for students who have completed Sonia’s Level 1 training either online or in person and level 2 in person.

Itasca, IL, USA
November 16–19, 2018

Advanced Teacher Training

For students who have completed levels 1-3

Sonia’s Teacher Training is available for students who have completed Sonia’s Level 1 -3 Training.