Ask Your Guides

3 Simple Tools for Connecting with Your Divine Support System

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Itasca, IL, USA
October 24–27, 2019

Advanced Teacher Training

For students who have completed levels 1-3

Sonia’s Teacher Training is available for students who have completed Sonia’s Level 1 -3 Training. Please email for details or to sign up.

Eaglewood Resort and Spa - Itasca, IL
November 1, 2019

Trust Your Vibes - An evening event with Sonia!

A workshop to empower you in every possible way

Your sixth sense…..Don’t leave home without it… Intuition is not a fluke or something some of us have while others don’t. It’s not woo-woo or weird and some crazy notion to be ignored or dismissed. Intuition is our natural and most authentic and empowering inner guidance system that you need today to succeed in life.

Itasca, IL
November 2–3, 2019

Ask Your Guides - SOLD OUT!

A Weekend With Sonia's Guides

Join Sonia as she makes her channeled guides available for personal questions and group discussion. During this intimate weekend event you will meet Joachim, the primary spokesperson for the Emissaries of the Third Ray, Elophilia, the feminine guide from the Third Ray, Rose, who is her healing guide and her teacher guides The Three Bishops.

Paris, France
Sonia Choquette
November 24, 2019

Paris Salon November 24th, 2019

6 Person Intimate Salon

Eaglewood Resort and Spa, Itasca, IL
Six Sensory Training
February 28–March 1, 2020

Intuitive Development Masterclass - Level 1

Give Me 2 Days and I Will Change Your Life

The “Intuitive Development Masterclass” workshop gives you the direction and confidence you need to excel in your personal and professional life!