Your Guides

Life is not a
solo journey.

You were never meant to travel your path alone, without guidance, without help. You are a divine creature who was put in this world to thrive joyously. You are invited, always, to tap into the power, comfort, security and inspiration of your cooperative Guides … who are here waiting for you. All you have to do is ask.

When we connect with our Divine Support System, our lives naturally flow. We manifest more easily, dream more expansively, laugh louder and more often. We locate our inner strength and true gifts, and connect with others more meaningfully.

Your angelic and spiritual guides are here for you. They want nothing more than to make your life easier and more delightful.


“Put your angels on it”

Angels are our celestial companions through the heights and depths of this emotional human journey and above all else, they empower us to open our hearts to our full humanity.

Angels are overarching protectors – always there and available. They help us grow our souls, forgive and evolve. They hold our hands when we grieve andlift us up when we celebrate.

Your Guardian Angel

Is the first angel to arrive and walk us through life, keeping us safe and protected while we fulfill our soul's potential.

Our Guardian Angel is our best buddy throughout our life. Sometimes our Guardian Angel will make an appearance in human form in a moment of great need or distress or doubt. Many people have had this experience, and it always leads to some kind of solution. That’s because your Guardian Angel knows you well, and is always ready to help you.

Your "Archies" (The archangels)

are our primary overseers, our angelic team, whose mission is to help us evolve.

These powerhouses motivate us to be our best selves. The Archies open up the gates and hold the space so we can connect to Divine support. They work on helping us keep all the areas of our consciousness clear.

the ministry of angels

This group of angels is always on call and ready for a quick assist.

They bring the sweetness of life. Everything you’re working on goes easier (travel, sewing, shopping, cooking…) when you have your Ministry with you. The Ministry brings goodness and joy, and loves to surprise us with gifts. These angels also usher in synchronicity and problem solving. They are the angelic foot soldiers who help make our lives work more efficiently and joyously.

“Tune into your spirit


have had human journeys so they know us well and are experts in their fields.

They may also be family members who have crossed over but want to stay close and assist us. Helpers keep us connected to our highest potential and help smooth our journeys and our daily experiences.


work to balance our thoughts, relieve our emotions, open our hearts, forgive the past, and care for our physical bodies and our energy fields.

Healers diligently attend to our soul’s health as well, which can become sick and fragmented due to depression, drugs, alcoholism, trauma, and abuse, especially in childhood.


resonate at a high frequency and work closely with us to raise our awareness of our true nature as spiritual beings.

They help us discover our purpose in life as we work through our karma, or life lessons. Spiritual teacher guides are some of our most influential guides. They help us truly understand our soul.