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Dear Client,

The question I receive most often in my practice is how can I change my life now? How can I most quickly heal my sorrows, get past my obstacles, connect to my purpose, feel joy once again, find my soul family, and get into the flow of peaceful living? To answer this question, I have written 14 books and though they serve as great guidance to these ends, my best skill and gift is to personally guide you and mentor you through a personal consultation.

In our time spent together, I will reveal your soul plan, your soul’s purpose, your soul lessons, and obstacles. Then we look at where you are today, and how to best align with your plan, overcome your blocks, and get into the grace and flow of spirit immediately. The result is a quick solution and return to peace.

Once you are shown how to align with your soul plan, you will be relieved of stress, wasted time, money, and misery of loathing and fear and return to your most authentic spirit and start to live and love as you want. My fee for an appointment is $400, which is a small investment for a life changing outcome. You can set up a phone appointment through my office at 773-989-1151. Readings are 30/60 minutes and cost $400/$800 in price. Readings are available over the phone and are on a limited basis.

I would love to be of assistance.

All My Love,

Sonia Choquette

A More Joyful Life!

If you are desiring a more joyful life, connect with Sonia. She will lead you back to your true joy! You will not be disappointed.
Kim D. A More Joyful Life!

Thank You!

Thank you Sonia for committing to do the work that you do. Your work and the loving intention behind it has changed my life and the life of my family. I just want to say…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
With Love and Gratitude,
Paula H.


From small start up’s to CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, for over 35 years I have worked with all business large and small.

Is your marriage on the rocks? Have you been dating for 7 years and looking to make the next step, or possibly happily married for 35 years and at a standstill?

Working with both businesses and couples is a specialty that, if interested, I would love to be of assistance with.

For all business and couples consultations please contact us.

Sonia’s path is one of self-discovery, of spirit wed to heart and logic.

Charlotte Beers Advertising CEO

A Huge Impact On our Business

Sonia has had a huge impact on our business by helping us to utilize our intuition as a critical building tool. Any company in the 21 st century needs to embrace the sixth sense, and Sonia is a wise, dynamic teacher who helps us to “trust our vibes” even when others might disagree with the direction.
We’ve loved the results!
Scott and Kim Holstein Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels


Unfortunately I am not able to record the session, but do allow you to do so from your end using any and all methods that might be available to you.

It can be very helpful to write down your questions and have them ready with you as it is possible to get overwhelmed and forget important things that you may want to ask.

I have set up the 30 minute appointment for those people that are looking for answers and guidance to one or two issues or questions. Anything more than that would require an hour.

Yes! in fact ever since I stopped doing in person appointments back in 2008 my appointments have been more clear, precise and some of the best I have ever done. I am able to focus on each individual client instead of having to worry about the energy of the waiting room, being on time, where the client is, etc…

I accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal.

72 hour notice with a full refund.

You will call me directly on my toll free 877 number.