Sixth Sensory Training

Sixth Sensory Training

Professional intuitives and spiritual teachers know how vital it is to awaken and tune into our sixth sense. Living life without intuition leaves you lost, confused and in the dark. With Sonia’s Sixth Sensory Training, you will turn the light on.

Designed as a professional training program, this is the highest caliber and most in-depth course Sonia teaches – and its perfect for everyone who wants to tap into the deep pool of their inner knowing, that third space where enlightenment waits for you. Sixth Sensory Training is an all-encompassing intuitive development program to empower your personal life, and a perfect way to expand your skillset as a professional intuitive, teacher or coach.

In this training, you will learn how to tune into intuitive guidance at the deepest and clearest level.

Create energetic boundaries to keep you from taking on what isn’t yours,  allowing you to observe but not absorb the energy of others. Develop the confidence to trust your intuition and let it lead your life. Separate wishful thinking from true inner guidance.

This miraculous course includes

Video Lessons

Immerse yourself in over 70 lessons, more than 25 hours of Sonia’s courses on how to strengthen and clarify your intuition.

Guided Meditations

Access three never before released meditations to help you quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice.

Inspirational Songs

These are the six songs Sonia plays in her in-person training courses. They will aliven the Spirit within you.

Sixth Sensory Workbook

This comprehensive 32-page Six Sensory Workbook is full of the tools you need to awaken your sixth sense.


A mini-reading by Sonia

Do you have a burning question? Sonia will answer it! Your one-time question can be asked at any point during the first year of your training.

This course and all its materials are yours for life, to return to again and again as you accelerate your Six Sensory Training.


Six Sensory Training

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“Sonia Choquette is the most authentic person in psychic phenomena I have ever encountered.”

Brittney B.