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“One of the most active, dynamic memberships for intuitive development, spiritual growth and genuine connection on the market today!”

Welcome to a world where your life will be jumpstarted for the better + you’ll get immediate access to 13 of my courses a $3000 value!*

Kindred Spirits

Belong to a soul family that truly “Gets “ you!

The Good Vibes Tribe is a dedicated community, designed to help you activate your intuition and improve your life exponentially!

Get ready to:
  • Find new soul friends
  • Move away from confusion and into clarity
  • Raise your vibration
  • Magnetize & attract the experiences you want
  • Live a life of flow and grace
  • Feel seen, celebrated, and supported

A Membership Tribe Like No Other!

I want you to feel excited about your intuition and your daily practices, without them take back seat to everyday life. That’s why I’ve built the Good Vibes Tribe membership community—to make it easy for you to access the guidance and support you need and to learn how to live the life you want!

As a member, you will get handpicked lectures, meditations, visual journeys, surprises like new online courses, your own tribe, weekly emails from me, and over $3000 worth of my courses*, including the brand new Ask Your Guides 2.0, available only to members! I’m giving you all of this because I want to see you live your life at the highest level!

Let me help support you throughout the year, as you practice and strength your intuitive skills.

I’ll see you inside!

*Courses are unlocked directly on your membership page every few months. Buy the annual membership and unlock a year’s worth of courses ($1300 value) immediately! Buy a 2-year membership and unlock $3000 worth of courses!

Joining the Good Vibes Tribe has connected me with the most amazing and supportive people, and Sonia’s participation with live videos, messages, and teachings is like having a personal guide and mentor. Every time I’ve reached out for help, this tribe has been there, and the results of their support has made a dynamic difference in my life.

– Nancy

I absolutely adore Sonia’s Good Vibe Tribe membership. Love the member perks: videos, meditations, and the access to Sonia personally! This is real support! I highly recommend joining! 5 stars all the way.

- Trisha

Sonia, and especially the Good Vibe Tribe have taught me so much. It is a group of individuals, Sonia included, with whom I feel very safe. I’ve learned it’s okay to get help and support, and this group is always ready to jump in and guide-you can feel the love and high vibration from this group.

- Mary Ann

Being part of the Good Vibes Tribe means finding new friends you did not know you had. It can seem intimidating to join a large Facebook group with so many unknown people, but like the beginning of any friendship, it all starts with a “hello” and willingness to connect to share the experience.

- Laurel

I love feeling the vibe of the group and being a part of something so true and good.

- Sarah

What You Get Inside the Good Vibes Tribe…

Access the Good Vibes Tribe Membership anytime, from anyplace, using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Weekly Emails from Sonia

Start every week with a healthy dose of inspiration and accountability for your daily practices.

Guided Meditations

In-depth guided meditations directly from Sonia’s Spirit Guides that you can access any time.

Visual Journeys

Get a break from the daily grind and breathe a little easier with these daily visual journeys.

Intuitive Talks

You’ll have direct access to some of my favorite and most powerful live talks.

Exclusive Discounts

Get exclusive discounts (up to 70% off!) to workshops, online courses, and more!

A Private Facebook Community

Weekly lessons from Sonia, get support, share your story, ask and answer questions


Monthly Group Coaching Call

Every month, we come together LIVE as a community on a Zoom call.


Monthly Bonuses

Every month, new online courses, e-books, meditations, will be added to your membership


Daily Inspiration from Sonia!

Receive daily, inspirational messages directly to your phone.


Phone App.

Thats right. You can now access your membership from your phone!


Online Courses

Access some of Sonia’s most popular and impactful courses. Get immediate access to 5 courses with your 1-year membership or 13 courses with a 2-year membership!

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2-year VIP Membership

13 Courses

$3000 Value

Join the Good Vibes Tribe Today!

And become a part of a truly genuine, engaged, uplifting community, with a whole lot of perks!!

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