Covid-19 Virus – Note of Encouragement

Dear Beloved Friends,

It has been scary, upsetting, inconvenient, and disruptive all at once for so many of us. Thank goodness we humans have one another for support and friendship through it all. That is such a gift. We are in this together and together we will get through this as well.

Let us first send extra prayers to all people around the world who may be struggling with a coronavirus infection itself. We are so sorry that you must face this challenge. We ask the Holy Mother Father God and Loving Light of the Universe to surround you, above, below, front, back, side-to-side, and rain healing vibrations upon you without ceasing until you are fully restored to excellent health.

Let us also pray for all our scientists, health care workers, and support people who are working tirelessly to save others. We send our deepest gratitude and support for your devotion, courage, persistence, and generous love for humanity. We, your fellow humans, pray daily for your inspiration, safety, and health, as well as that of your family, and people whom you live with. Thank you for being our heroes. We owe a debt of gratitude to you that simply cannot be fully expressed.

To any among us who are struggling with this uncertainty in any way, do not fear, and do not fret. You are surrounded by love. You are not alone, even though it may feel convincingly otherwise at times. Open your heart. Receive the love and support of the Universe. It is there, underneath the rumble of emotions and frenzy of thoughts. The calmer and more centered you become, through meditation and prayer, the more you will connect with this stabilizing, healing love. 

We souls are all spiritual students on earth, here to learn to live as divine, powerful, co-creators with the Universe. This is not easy. Right now, we have entered one of the most crucial testing periods of our soul education. We are doing a fabulous job of learning. As we continue down this evolutionary path, let us strive to be more patient, kind, and reassuring to ourselves and others. These are intense times. Give yourself plenty of room to breathe, time to meditate, and remember to have fun. This is important right now. Although we must accept the present circumstances, we don’t have to suffer them. We have a choice in how we respond to our current challenges. The more creative, loving, and lighthearted we meet with what is upon us, the better off we will be. This is true not only for our own mental and spiritual health but also for our planet’s health as well.

If you get overwhelmed or have a dark moment, don’t judge yourself. It is normal. Especially in the middle of the night. This is often when our stress wakes us up, and our fears can take hold. Just remember that this too shall pass. If this happens to you, play some soft, soothing meditation music. 

Listen to your intuition. It is there for just such reasons as we face right now. Intuition is a guiding light that keeps us safe, pointing us to what is best for our soul’s growth and wellbeing at all times. Yet, it very often it has no room for second guessing, hesitation, or rational argument. It guides us to act when necessary. If we don’t trust our guidance, we can lose our moment.

 I suggest dancing as one of my most effective tools for opening and strengthening our intuitive channels right now. When we dance (and by that, I don’t mean half-heartedly shuffling from side to side but to give our all to the music), we allow our spirits to fully take over our bodies. We regain our intuitive spontaneity by dancing. Dancing frees us from the ego’s controlling grip so that the spirit within us can quickly MOVE us to follow intuitive nudges that protect, guide, heal, and support in at the moment.  

Here are a few of my favorite songs this week to keep your spirit uplifted:

Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love

Israel Kamakawiwo’ ole’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  

The Beatles song “Ob la di Ob la da Life Goes On

Music is the gateway to the angelic realm and listening to it instantly eases the mind and opens the heart. It is healing soul- medicine for these times.

Distraction is also an excellent remedy for anxiety, as we all know, and good movies and television shows are godsends for this. Here are a few of my favorites this week. 


Anne Of Green Gables

Schitt’s Creek 

Derry Girls

Frankie and Grace

The key to our mental and emotional health, and to connect us to Divine Spirit is to keep laughing. It instantly transports us to higher vibrations and releases us from lower frequency anxiety, which brings us down and causes undue stress.

Now we are catching up on much needed and long overdue rest. If you feel the need to sleep more, please do so. Just try to get in a little physical exercise every day as well for balance.  

We are amid an Ascension of consciousness the likes of which is hard to fully comprehend, and yet in our deepest heart of hearts, we intuitively know this is for the greater good. On a soul level, we all agreed to be part of this Ascension at this time. We will get through it. To get through it better, turn on your inner light and send forth love and prayers to quicken our solutions.  We can if we remain connected to our spirits, grounded in our bodies, centered in our hearts, and focused on healing. We are all in this together. And we will get through this together sooner than we think. I believe this with all my heart and spirit.

All my love, dear soul family,