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2 days that will
change your life!
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Are you ready to welcome in your Spirit Guides, Live?

The Ask Your Guides LIVE workshop is for those who have learned to trust their vibes and want to immediately shift into a higher vibration.

Learn how to call in your Spirit Guides to help you discover greater…

  • connection to your Spirit, others and the subtle realm
  • awareness of your intuitive capacity
  • confidence in your decisions
  • clarity of your purpose

and a whole lot more magic in your life!

Awaken to the loving support of your Spirit Guides!

so that you can easily move forward in creating all aspects of the life you want.


renowned, 40-year Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Teacher, Sonia Choquette

delivers the simple steps you need to Ask Your Guides and live a life of greater ease, flow and joy!

We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the other side—one that oversees and helps guide our lives. Not knowing this keeps us from making our life’s journey easier and more successful.

When you learn how to connect with your Divine Spirit Helpers and Guides, your life naturally falls into a pattern of ease and flow during which you grow your soul, fulfill your purpose, and make your time on Earth endlessly entertaining.

Immerse yourself in powerful group work, where you will learn some of the most empowering lessons you can have on how to live a life of greater joy and success.

Join me at the next LIVE Ask Your Guides Workshop and I’ll personally show you how!

All my love,

This 2-Day Live Workshop

Gives you powerful practices to deeply connect with your Spirit and your Spirit Guides

so that you can enjoy all of the love, joy, and abundance your heart desires!

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This workshop

is for you if...

You have a foundation of working with your intuition and you want to call in the help of your Spirit Guides because…

  • You have a wildly busy mind and too much going on
  • You often feel disconnected from your body and from others
  • You feel alone and want to find your tribe—helpers who make life easier
  • You’d like even greater confidence in your intuitive abilities
  • You yearn for more flow, clarity and simplicity


me live to connect with the Divine helpers waiting to help you!

At the 2-day Ask Your Guides Live Workshop, I will personally help you:

  • Reconnect to your body
  • Release lower energies and old vibrations, including past conditioning
  • Access the tools to reawaken and align with your Higher Self
  • Create the energetic boundaries that remove lower interferences, fear, anxiety, and stress
  • Call in new guides who are aligned perfectly with your Spirit and goals today
  • Experience direct connection with your Guides
  • Activate the joy that comes from living as your Authentic Spirit
  • Receive powerful live guided transmissions
  • Relax into meditation designed to return you to wholeheartedness
When you get acquainted with your Spirit Guides

Your Life Flows with Ease and Fills with Magic!

No longer do you have to do it all alone.
Feel the connection and support.
Feel the love.

Join me live and I’ll show you how!

This has been an amazing weekend. It has been my greatest gift I could receive for my future. Thank you Sonia

– Helen

This workshop reminds me that I can say yes to what I love! The essence is simple, profound, and sparkling… Which is all Sonia.

- Linda

Get by with a little help from your friends (in the subtle realms)

and experience a life with greater ease, confidence and joy!
It’s time to Ask Your Guides, LIVE!

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event location

Our stunning venue!

Dates: TBD


Inspired by nature and the legendary work of Frank Lloyd Wright, this Midwest resort is known for interior spaces that capture the essence of its beautiful surroundings.

What you will Experience

Day One

Elevate Your Awareness

10am - 5pm

Day one begins with elevating your awareness and reconnecting you with your Authentic Spirit—the foundation for connecting with Spirit Guides. We begin to clear the energetic blockages that are in the way of your perceiving the subtle realms of divine and loving support.

Day Two

Meet Your Spirit Guides


On Day two, you activate your personal intuitive receiver channels and recognize the numerous ways in which your Spirit Guides work with you. Meet the many Guides that serve you, including your primary Guides, as you invite in new divine support at the highest level in present time.

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Have questions? We have answers.

Do I need to have any experience with Sonia or her teachings?

No, the majority of students that attend this training have never seen Sonia before. It is open to anyone and everyone.

Do I need to stay at the resort?

No, there are several hotels in the area. Our rates are very competitive and we strongly urge students to stay on site, as it helps with the camaraderie and to not have to worry about traffic.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. Just comfortable clothes! Clients in the past have wished they brought a journal or camera.

Can I do a 3 or 4 payment plan?

Yes, we can work with you on that. Simply email

Which airport should I fly into?

We recommend Chicago O’Hare International airport, but if you fly Southwest then you will want to utilize Midway Airport.

How do I book my hotel and transportation?

Eaglewood Resort is located about 20 minutes from O’Hare international airport and 50 minutes from Midway airport. Room rates for single or double accommodations are $109 a night. To make room reservations please call Eaglewood at 1-877-285-6150 and ask for the Inner Wisdom or Sonia Choquette rate. Please be advised that the rate will go up after October 10th. We have negotiated rates with A1 Express Limo Service for a $26 one-way transfer from O’Hare airport to Eaglewood resort. If you are traveling by car please be aware of Chicago traffic, especially on Friday.

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Don’t just aspire to heightened awareness, experience it!

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Due to the high demand of this workshop and the limited enrollment, all refunds must be requested in writing. Full refunds minus $300.00 for requests made up to 30 days prior to the event. No refunds thirty (30) days before the start of the event. No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.

This class will sell out,
so secure your spot now!