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with SoniaChoquette

Are you listening to your intuition and inner guidance?

Have you realized your true heart’s desires?

Are you swimming in the glorious flow of beauty that the universe is offering you?

If you can’t shout YES to these questions, then believe me when I say there’s a better way to live.

You Can…
  • Tap into your intuition and trust your vibes to lead you to a life filled with purpose and passion.
  • Reach out to your guides on the other side to re-energize your spirit, support your soul, and illuminate the path before you.

  • Use your powerful imagination to clear away obstacles and step vibrantly in the best version of your life.

  • Forever rid yourself of self-doubt, confusion and anxiety so that you can start truly enjoying all that life has to offer you.

  • Manifest the abundance you were meant to enjoy in this earthy experience and beyond.

Yes, you can live your life fully, freely and joyously. You just need a spiritual teacher and intuitive mentor to show you the way.

This brand new Masterclass is your invitation to Your Glorious Life. A life that eagerly awaits you.  All you have to do is jump in.

Let me help you create the Glorious Life of your dreams.

In this six-week Masterclass, I lead you through my signature THREE-PART TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS so you can tap into your higher Self, access Divine Guidance, and create everything you truly want.

Part 1:

Trust your Vibes

I show you the value and power of your natural intuition, and how easy it is to access your inner voice once you change the channel and tap into your Spirit. This initial component of the Masterclass helps you heal your past and step into your future with confidence and grace. I take you by the hand as you access the full force of your intuition – “the third space” – where you will come face to face with what feels right for you, right now. When you trust your vibes, you can jump into the vortex of creation and manifestation, where life is endlessly entertaining and truly limitless.

Part 2:

Ask Your Guides

Here I teach you how to connect to your Divine Support System, which stands ready to assist and uplift you so that you can lead the life you were meant to live. Your angelic and spirit guides will help you move effortlessly into a pattern of ease and flow. This part of the Masterclass provides all the information and inspiration you need to connect with your vast network of spiritual support – from your guardian angel to the Archangels to your helpers, healers and teachers – so that you can enjoy all the love, abundance, and joy you’re entitled to. You will learn how to recognize your angels and guides, and create an inner sacred space to receive them.

Part 3:

Create your Glorious Life

I personally lead the manifestation portion of this powerful Masterclass, with lessons on how to summon your three superpowers and breathe life into your biggest dream. I show you how to activate and sustain your vibrant imagination, and use it to create the life you want, right now.  I teach, train, inspire, and guide you on your path to finally making your true heart’s desire a reality. This is Your Glorious Life to imagine, shape and create. Step by step, I will take you there.

Masterclass Overview

The Glorious Life Masterclass is a six-week immersive experience designed to transform how you think, feel and live. The Masterclass includes:

An introduction to the Masterclass

I personally introduce the Masterclass and tell you how to best work with the content to ensure that you get the absolute most out of it.   


36 Video Lessons with Sonia

In these pre-recorded 10- to 15-minute Video Lessons, you receive DAILY content, instructions, tips and insights. The lessons take you by the hand and lead you through the necessary steps for creating Your Glorious Life. To ensure that you absorb and understand all of my teachings, I have divided the Masterclass into three Parts:

  • Part 1:Trust Your Vibes
  • Part 2: Ask your Guides
  • Part 3: Create Your Glorious Life

Each Part features 12 videos and spans two weeks, giving you ample time to learn and incorporate all the wisdom this Masterclass offers. 


Six LIVE Coaching Workshops with Sonia

Once per week, you are invited to a LIVE, 60-minute interactive Coaching Workshop. I will curate participants’ questions and provide answers on a wide range of topics. There is no doubt that questions from other members of the Masterclass will inspire you too, so these Workshops are an essential element to your journey. The Coaching Workshops are dedicated to help you apply your new insights and strategies so you can manifest Your Glorious Life. If you can’t make a Workshop, don’t worry – you can access the recording anytime in your online program portal. Details will be sent to you after you sign up. 

  • Monday March 21st, at 2pm EST
  • Monday March 28th, at 1pm EST
  • Monday April 4th, at 1pm EST
  • Monday April 11th, at 1pm EST
  • Monday April 18th, at 1pm EST
  • Monday April 25th, at 1pm EST


Your Glorious Life Workbook

This 140-page Workbook is a detailed overview of the Masterclass, with chapters dedicated to each of my Video Lessons. The Workbook features exercises, challenges and prompts that I wrote just for you, to help you dive deep into the material, and truly absorb and implement the lessons. This Workbook is not only a wonderfully thorough compilation of the Masterclass, it’s an interactive journal that helps you track your progress as you create Your Glorious Life.


Peer-Led Inspiration Groups

As part of the program, you will be assigned to a 10-person peer-led inspiration group. This intimate group of like-minded seekers will support and encourage you to ignite Your Glorious Life. You will meet online, every other week for a total of three times.


Three Channeled Meditative Journeys

For this Masterclass, I have created three NEW meditations that transmit a specific frequency so you can connect to your guides, awaken your spirit and manifest Your Glorious Life. There is a new meditation for each part of the course:

  • Part 1: Meditative Journey
  • Part 2: Connecting with your Angels and Guides
  • Part 3: Creating Your Glorious Life.

And I’ve included a BONUS meditation, a specially recorded morning invocation to call forth your Archangels. My Archangel Meditation is the perfect way to start each day and create your sacred space. All of these meditations are yours to download and keep for life.


Online Resource Portal

Your Glorious Life Masterclass program materials include the Masterclass Workbook, my specially created meditations, and all Coaching Workshop recordings. Everything will be easily accessible from our online portal. You will have a unique username and password to log into your portal and will enjoy lifetime access, anytime and from any device.


Private Facebook Group

As a program participant, you are invited to a private Facebook Masterclass Group. This is your tribe. Ask questions, access additional tools and resources, and get the support and encouragement you need to create the life of your dreams.



Personal guidance from Sonia

As a special one-time-only bonus to this Masterclass, I will send you a personal, intuitive email assessment to help inspire and motivate you as you create Your Glorious Life.


Six-Weeks, 36 Video Lessons, 6 Live Coaching Sessions, and Personal Guidance from Sonia

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