True Balance!

Beat Burnout.   Find Balance.

BALANCE is not meant to be an ACT,
it’s a WAY OF LIFE.

Feeling Overworked,
Over-Scheduled &


TRUE BALANCE Will Change That!


a powerful, yet easy to use course, that will help you move through life’s sticky points. A Common Sense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit & Specific Remedies for Your Soul.

Now, more than ever, this course will help guide you & keep you grounded. If your goals for yourself aren’t being met & deep inside your heart there’s an empty void, you’ve probably been looking in the wrong places for a solution. You see, when most people have a problem they run to others for help including teachers, therapists, parents & friends. But that’s not the place to find solutions…

The answers are hidden deep within you & I’m going to show you the simple ways to uncover them and claim your truth.
I have made the goal of balancing your life simple to obtain & in just a moment, you’ll find out why I’m so excited about this course.


 once enrolled you’ll get a personal email FROM ME to help improve your balance!

This Course Will Help You...

Align with who you are becoming today.

Learn how to feed your energy body to give you balance in your life.

Activate your creativity & imagination.

Become an attraction magnet, for the things you really want.

Open your heart to give & receive love.

Feel connected and supported by the universe instead of lost in space.

Create & set healthy boundaries.

Recognize and act on your intuition.

This course includes

Balance in your Life

Your life will – bit by bit – start to get grounded.

Lifetime Access

The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?

Risk-Free Guarantee

Join me for 30 days. If you feel there is no value I'll happily refund you.

Video Lessons

Watch over 3 hours of video lessons.

Visual Journey

Receive a True Balance Wisdom Flash – A Journey of Peace.


Download 9 True Balance audio songs.

Chakra Balancing Remedy Guide

Over 75 creative ideas for healing your energy imbalances, easily read with over 40 downloadable pages!


Personal Energetic Assessment

I will look at your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve your balance. Yes, once enrolled you’ll get a direct email directly from me!


Brand New Energetic Chakra Meditation.


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“True Balance embodies the wisdom of the heart and the most practical, grounded advice for living in harmony with your own self. These exercises will restore joy and success in the most important parts of your life.”

- Alan Cohen

Author of: Happily Even After The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore

“Thank you Sonia for this enjoyable & thorough education on how, where & when I can embrace & renew my energetic body to benefit my physical body, soul & spirit.”

“You are very easy to follow along and I am grateful for all the info you share as I love learning about the energetic body & the subtleness in healing. Each chakra meditation enhanced my wellbeing. Feeling back to balance, as my energy is inline with my truth. I use these tools all the time now. It was very nice to be intuitively assessed so accurately by you, your recommendations assisted greatly.”

— Teresa

From Brisbane Australia

Thank you! Thank you! This is exactly the information I was needing. I feel more balanced and peaceful now that I’m using your tools. You were completely accurate regarding the chakras that needed more focus and that insight helped tremendously. So grateful for your energy and your gifts.



A lovely course! I have taken several from Sonia. This is utterly my favorite. It resonates on many levels. Being a physical person – the practices with chakras work for me. The shifts are wonderful, healing, and nurturing. A joy. I would recommend this practice and teaching to anyone – what a gift to feel within oneself and opening to what is for all of us. This course is a wonderful tool to open personal practice and balance within. And yes there are all manner of beings and energy available to assist us – its learning the tools to do so.  All the very best! Keep up the wonderful work.

Kimberly Simpson