What is My Purpose?

Do you worry about finding your purpose? Are you looking for a sense of meaning in your life and yet, just can’t seem to find the answer? Watch to discover how your purpose is not the same as your profession, although they can be connected. Also watch to quickly discover your purpose in its many forms and start living in purpose right away. It is found in the small contributions you make and not dependent upon some elusive, earth shaking and unattainable goal. It si ewasier than that to live in purpose. Here is how.

  • Matt Kugler

    Great video Sonia! I love your work and your gifts 🙂 The idea of life purpose as a metaphysical concept can at times seem both a wonderful ideal and an elusive experience. “Share your gifts” is such a simple approach to connecting to one’s purpose. I’ve heard (from the wonderful work of channeler Sanaya Roman and her guide Orin) that life purpose is always something you love, and simultaneously makes a contribution to others. Our innate gifts are things we tend to be inherently good at and already love doing, and by sharing them we add value and light to the world. Thank you!