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Welcome to Sonia Choquette’s FREE 3-DAY Bootcamp


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Ready to Discover The Path for Your “Spirit-Guided Life”?

Day #1: The Wish
April 18th, 2023

A New Beginning: Connect with Your Intuitive Wisdom and Start a New Life Adventure

Day #2: The Way
April 20th, 2023

The Road Ahead: Unleash Your Inner Guidance and Create a Life of Joy

Day #3: Arrival
April 22nd, 2023

Embody Your True Self and Live “The Spirit-Guided Life”


Is this Event Free?

Yes! This is Sonia’s most in depth FREE event ever created.

Are the Classes Live?

Yes, the classes are live and will happen at the following times:

Day 1: April 18th, @ 1pm EST
Day 2: April 20th, @ 1pm EST
Day 3: April 22nd, @ 1pm EST

What If I Can’t Attend Live? Will the Classes be Recorded?

YES! You will get a replay each day sent directly to you so that you can watch it at your convenience.

What’s the time commitment?

There are 3 Live Calls, and each call is 1 hour long. Implementing your daily action steps should only take 5 to 20 minutes only.

Why is Sonia doing this?

I’m teaching this course because in my observations being disconnected from your inner guidance system is the worst disability a person can experience. We can get by in life when we lose an outer sense,  such as sight,  hearing , taste or smell , but we really suffer and struggle when we lose touch with our inner guidance.

When disconnected from our inner guidance we  find ourselves overwhelmed with fear and doubt insecurity, confusion , and lack of confidence and clarity.
When our inner guidance is not engaged we become disconnected from our authentic self, lose our sense of purpose and meaning, and fail experience genuine connection with ourself and others.
Our sixth sense the missing piece and it is a necessary faculty for humans to have meaningful connected empowering peaceful lives. Without it we are lost.
I simply cannot stand by and watch people suffer unnecessarily because they’ve lost connection to their sixth sense. This course will restore this connection and with it  restore  meaning satisfaction To their lives. This is my purpose and I am more committed now than ever to fulfilling it.