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Discover the MISSING PIECE to: A Life of Meaning, Purpose and Fulfilling Relationships!

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  • AWAKEN & RECONNECT to your Authentic Self… Your Spirit!

  • Learn to TRUST your inner guidance – making way for more meaningful connections and successful creations.

  • LEVEL UP to your true purpose, power and potential.

  • STOP SETTLING in every aspect of your life – Job, Relationships, you name it.


And you’ve been called by your SPIRIT to claim it.

There’s a world of joy, connection, creativity, abundance & flow waiting for you now.
But how do you UNLOCK IT? 

You need the key…

The Missing Piece!

That is what you will find here today.


My Brand New Live Program


A Live Spirit activating program. The first of its kind.

Are you ready to level up and create your best life ever?

A Program designed to empower, connect, and align you with your spirit. Introduce you to engaging, uplifting, and satisfying relationships. Show you how to have a more spirited, confident, courageous, creative and joyful journey.

The only question is, are you ready to discover how good life can get?

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(Available Only In April 2023)

Discover The Missing Piece...Your Intuition!

Only with Your Intuition

CAN You Create The Authentic, Deep, Meaningful Relationships with Yourself and Others That You Yearn For.


Only with Your Intuition

WILL You Discover and Begin Living Your Soul’s Purpose and Experience Abundant, Satisfying, Confident Flow.

Only with Your Intuition

WILL You Overcome Your Fears, Find Your Courage and Start Having Fun Again!

Only with Your Intuition

WILL You Enjoy a Life You Really Love.

You Have The Choice:

Live an Ego-Driven Life
  • Exhausted & Depleted in Work. Controlled by Outward Obligations & Expectations.
  • Settling for Meaningless & Empty Relationships.
  • Constantly Second-Guessing, Pushing, Micromanaging, Feeling Fearful and Insecure.
  • Bored, Broken and Broke.
Live a Spirit-Guided Life
  • Freedom of a Purposeful, Exciting, & Creative Career that fulfills Your Financial Desires.
  • Enjoy Meaningful, Authentic, Heart-Centered Relationships.
  • Feel Clear, Confident & relaxed in Your Decisions.
  • Be Engaged, Delighted, and Abundant. Have the Time of Your Life!

Your Intuition is the Only Missing Piece to Everything You Want!

It’s The Key To Effortlessly Discovering The Life You Were Were Born To Live, The One You Deeply Desire and Are Ready To Share…

“Sonia has changed my life for the better. Living a heart centered life not one stuck in the head.”

Karl W.

Sonias the best

“Searching for purpose I put down all the books on my nightstand and got to work with Sonia. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and look forward to what the future holds.  Thank you Sonia”


“To say that Sonia has changed my life is an understatement.  Actually it is inaccurate; she hasn’t changed my life, she has helped me embrace my true Spirit so that I COULD CHANGE MY LIFE and start living up to the most inspired and authentic version of myself possible.  It is through her guidance, teachings & encouragement, I have finally found peace, purpose & faith – the makings of miracles, and I couldn’t be more thankful. ”

Courtney Meyers

Working with Sonia, I am being more present, taking time to honor myself, and being more self aware.  I am slow to anger, in fact I notice that I just let things be and focus more on what really matters. I have been experiencing more abundance than ever. I found ways to make passive income.  It really has been GREAT! Thank you so much!

Sarah M.

When You Enroll You Will Experience:


8 Group Intuition Activation Calls with Sonia

In these LIVE sessions, Sonia will awaken & activate your essential, MISSING PIECE, your intuition, and set you on the path to living a Spirit-Guided life. During your time together, you will recognize & remove all intuitive blocks & obstacles, distinguish wishful thinking from genuine guidance, and unleash your personal power so you are able to successfully attract & create the life you really want. 



Access to 20 Pre-recorded Lessons

In addition to the LIVE sessions, this course also offers 16 pre-recorded modules designed to further stabilize, strengthen, & sharpen your intuition. Each module shares two  additional practical, supportive fun, and creative tools, which when put to use immediately, turn on your natural inner intuitive light and get this natural super sense to shine brightly on your path every step of the way.  



1 Live email Personally from Sonia to Help Your Spirit Level Up.

As the world’s most skilled and powerful intuitive guide, channel and energy transmitter, and teacher, Sonia will activate your intuition, no matter how buried it feels, much like a jumper cable from her heart to yours, so you can’t fail to awaken your gorgeous super sense and get it to work now. The time has come to reclaim your power. You cannot succeed without your Spirit guiding you through your natural super sense, your intuition, leading the way. It is simply not possible. On the other hand, with intuition leading, you always succeed, beyond your wildest dreams.


Brand New 6 Month Daily Intuition Journal

Receive Sonia’s first-ever, Daily Intuition Journal to capture & record your deep, intuitive guidance in only five minutes, every day. This journal is filled with prompts & direction designed to amplify your inner voice, making it the primary guiding force of your life. It will help you  to break the habit of ignoring, second-guessing, dismissing, or doubting your greatest personal power, and out your Sprit back in its proper place, leading your life. This beautiful journal will soon be the best journal you can read because it will be a story of your greatest breakthroughs & successes, filled with endless evidence of how real, reliable, and extraordinary your super sense, your intuition is.

Discover Your Missing Piece Now!

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The Transformation

Each lesson teaches you how to reclaim the MISSING PIECE & put it to you use as it is designed to be so that you can bring the magic back into your life.

Lesson One Embrace Your Inner Woo Woo.

Congratulations that you are even here was an intuitive decision. That is an indication that you are ready to light up your life and YOU ARE READY!

Lesson Two Take It Easy and Make Time To Be Quiet.

When you are disconnected your life is chaos, unorganized and full of stress and anxiety. I am going to take it easy and not push, push, push. Intuition the door opens inwards so you need to take a step back and feel like you are in danger, but instead take it easy.

Lesson Three Watch Your Words and Protect Your Spirit

Use your words well. The most important vibration in your life is your words. The most powerful thing in your life are you own words. Not just the ones you speak to other, but your internal dialog.

Lesson Four Find Your People and Talk Shop.

Finding your people is so important because the number one fear we have is that if we use our intuition I will be punished. Find the people that get you, that are like you and keep the conversation going.

Lesson Five Expect The Best

The universe is energetic. Whatever you meet in life is what you put out in life. If you work from lower ego your life becomes a dog fight. You do not have to live in that place, you are leveling up and you connect with the best that universe has to offer.

Lesson Six Slow Down and Dance In The Fire.

Slowing down is hard for people to do and I understand. Don’t slow down in your actions, slow down in your breathing, slow down in your thinking, slow down in your runaway brain and come back to your body.

Sonia Choquette is the World’s Foremost Intuitive Guide, Mentor and Teacher.

She is a catalyst celebrated for her profound and transformational effect on others. She brings to this course over 50 years of experience, working with individuals, corporations, hospitals, schools, and global businesses and leaders worldwide. Applying her unrivaled depth and breadth of skill, Sonia masterfully combines knowledge, humor, and play to awaken and restore the innate sixth sense within without fail. As Einstein said, “The Human Spirit is our sacred gift, the rational mind, it’s faithful servant. Sadly we have thrown away the gift and become enslaved to the servant.”  

Sonia frees the sacred gift in you and trains the servant to get out of the way, leading to healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives. She has written 28 international bestsellers on intuitive development, personal growth, and creativity, including New York Times bestseller The Answer is Simple. Her work is published in over 40 countries and translated into 37 languages. On top of that… she is a ton of fun!

You might have seen Sonia on

“Greatest teacher ever and I have been looking for 33 years.”

Sam A.

“I went through this process a couple years ago and it completely changed my life. This feels like another transitionary time requiring another go around. Sonia’s suggestions, principles, and reminders will motivate and inspire you. Thank you Sonia! ”

Lilly K.

“I finally found my teacher. Sonia’s real life, no nonsense approach was something that I could apply right away and more importantly start to see immediate results. Stop looking and reading anymore book, your teacher is Sonia!”

Ann Marie

Unlock The Missing Piece Now

Discover a Life of Meaning, Purpose, and Fulfilling Relationships!

Best Value One Payment of $997
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Low Monthly Three Payments of $357
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We Want To Ensure Your Satisfaction, Which Is Why I Offer A 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. If You Don’t Absolutely Love The Missing Piece, Receive A Full Refund. Sign Up Now


How long do I have to take the course?

The course is laid out for you in bite size pieces, where you can work through it at your own pace, when and where you want, as many times as you like. It is available to you for life 🙂

Do I need to attend each live session?

It is recommended that if you can, that you do attend the live sessions. If not, not a problem as the replays will be made available for you, for life 🙂

Do I need any experience with Sonia or her teachings?

No, the majority of students have never taken an online course with Sonia before. She has students from all walks of lives, from all over the world.

What is your refund policy?

I offer a 14 day, no questions asked, full refund. If the course is not for you, no worries.

How much time does the course require?

I recommend that you work through a lesson a day for 30 days. Each lesson is 8-10 minutes. The important thing is how you apply it 🙂

What type of payment plans do you offer?

We offer the option for you to spread payments out over 3 months. In addition, we offer a PayPal Pay Later depending on what options might be available to you.

When are the live group sessions?

May 2nd, 9th, 11th, 16th, 23rd, 25th, 30th and June 1st. Times will be either 1pm or 2pm EST. A formal confirmation letter will be emailed out to you once you sign up.