2-Day Online Workshop


Let Sonia change your life in these 2 magical days
by connecting YOU with your angels and guides.

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experience Sonia Live! February 4 – 5 

Are you ready to make life easier with the help of your angels and guides?

Are you ready to enter a brand new world?

Stop struggling and instead DISCOVER… 

  • That you are not alone!
  • That you have an available team of guides and angels ready to help you at anytime.   
  • How to call in protection, safety, and support with the help of your angels.
  • How to allow your beautiful spirit guides to assist you in every situation you face. 
  • That you can relax, because with this kind of help, you can’t fail.

With your angels and guides on board your life instantly becomes magical and a whole lot more fun! So don’t live one another day without them.

This is not a lecture. This is an interactive, dynamic, class where you will experience a powerful, transformational shift and begin to live a life of greater joy and success.

This 2-Day Workshop includes:
  • Sonia taking direct questions.
  • Meeting  your Spirit, the authentic YOU.
  • How to know the difference between angels and spirit guides.
  • How to summon your angels and invoke spirit guides for help on demand.
  • How to connect with healer guides, for all disturbances, body, mind and soul.
  • How to meet your Joy guides for laughter, creativity and spontaneity.
  • How to recognize your Master Teacher guides and who they are.
  • How to meet your nature spirits and power animals.
  • Call in light beings to raise your vibration and manifest quickly.
  • Sonia led daily live guided meditations.


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Why this workshop is for you.

  • Are you faced with decisions and don’t know which way to go?
  • Do you feel insecure and wished you had some help? 
  • Are you overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel stuck and are out of ideas on how to move on? 
  • Do you feel scared or unsafe?
  • Could you use a sign that the universe has your back. Ready for life to be fun again? 

Join Sonia live to connect with YOUR Divine helpers.


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*Includes your guides name directly from Sonia being emailed to you!*

During this 2-day Ask Your Guides Workshop,

Sonia will personally help you:

Discover a higher dimension available to you.

Open the doors to receive divine help.

Wake up your spirit and align with your HIGHER SELF.

Feel the help and support of your guides and remove fear, anxiety, and stress

Call in new guides who align perfectly with your goals today.

Experience peace and inner serenity knowing you are not alone.

Experience the joy that comes from living in a divinely supported way.

Have Sonia take personal questions from you.

Receive channeled meditations to connect with your Spirit, angels and guides.

Get by with a little help from your friends
(in the subtle realms)

Join Sonia and immediately experience greater ease, more confidence and fun.

It’s simple, just Ask Your Guides


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Save $100 and get Ask Your Guides online course free!

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Save $100 and get Ask Your Guides online course free!

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The event will be held from Sonia’s home in London via zoom.


Saturday, February 4th, 1pm – 5pm (EST)
Sunday, February  5th, 1pm – 5pm (EST)

You will receive via email a formal confirmation letter with all the details and instructions.
In addition, you will be emailed a replay of each day.

Day 1

Elevate your Awareness

1pm – 5pm EST

Day one begins with elevating your awareness and reconnecting you with your Authentic Spirit—the foundation for connecting with Spirit Guides. We begin to clear the energetic blockages that are in the way of your perceiving the subtle realms of divine and loving support and meet your angels.

Day 2

Meet Your Spirit Guides

1pm – 5pm EST

On Day two, you activate your personal intuitive receiver channels and recognize the numerous ways in which your Spirit Guides work with you. Meet the many Guides that serve you, including helpers, healers, joy guides, teachers,  light beings, nature spirits and helpers.

Globally renowned, 45-year Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Teacher, Sonia Choquette

delivers the simple steps you need to Ask Your Guides to help you live a life of greater ease, flow and joy!

We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the other side—one that oversees and helps guide our lives. Not knowing this keeps us from enjoying the beautiful/successful and connected life we were meant to have.

When you learn how to connect with your Divine Spirit Helpers and Guides, your life naturally falls into a pattern of ease and flow during which you grow your soul, fulfill your purpose, and experience your time on Earth as endlessly entertaining and miraculous.


best value

One Payment of



Save $100 and get Ask Your Guides online course free!

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Low monthly

Three Payments of



Save $100 and get Ask Your Guides online course free!

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This workshop reminds me that I can say yes to what I love! The essence is simple, profound, and sparkling… Which is all Sonia.

— Linda

I can now come back to myself, and Sonia’s teachings are helping me fine-tune the process. The workshop has depth and you feel like you are one of the students live in the studio with the teacher. I think it is as good as it gets.

— Lisa

This has been an amazing weekend. It has been my greatest gift I could receive for my future. Thank you Sonia

— Helen


Do I need to have any experience with Sonia or her teachings?

No, the majority of students that attend this training have never seen Sonia before. It is open to anyone and everyone.

How will the workshop be held?

The workshop will held on Zoom. A recording will be sent to you after each day.

What is the bonus course that is included?

The Ask Your Guides online course is included with each registrations.

Will I be able to speak to Sonia directly?

Sonia will be taking questions from the audience each day. As Sonia says, even though it might not be your particular question, it will probably apply to you.

Will there be small group work?

Yes, Sonia will have break out groups where she will monitor what each small group (around 10 people) are working on and giving guidance and feedback when necessary.

Due to the high demand of this workshop and the limited enrollment, all refunds must be requested in writing. Full refunds minus $300.00 for requests made up to 7 days prior to the event. No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.

This class will sell out,
so secure your spot now!