Dear Friend,

Frequently in life, we meet with stressful situations that can easily send us into the fight, flight, or freeze mode.  Some of these are highly irritating, but minor, such as “where did I put my wallet?” ….

Some are far more intense, and scary, such as the ” The doctor said you have what????” moments in life. 

We do what we can to meet these challenges to the best of our ability. Yet more often than not, we wish, with all our heart, that we had a little extra Divine support to help get us through whatever we are facing, and back into the flow.

In all cases, both big and small, we often instinctually find ourselves praying to God, and whatever other benevolent Divine forces are available to us, hoping someone or something “out there” receives our SOS signal and comes to the rescue.

The reason we automatically do this is that we intuitively (and correctly) know in our hearts that help is available, if only we could just get through to it and call it in when we need it!.

The exciting news is, not only do we indeed have Divine help, the guides are on standby and waiting for your call as I write.

Whether it is merely a case of finding your car keys in time, so you don’t miss your flight, or finding the best doctor to treat your serious illness so you can get back to healthy living, your personal guides are ready to work lovingly and faithfully to help you during your entire life.

Moreover, we don’t just have a guide or two hanging around. YOU have An ENTIRE TEAM of 33 Spirit guides, as well as an army of angels, available always, solely devoted to your personal well-being, spiritual growth, and human safety and success, from the moment you are born to the moment you take your last breath on this body.

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You’ll walk away from this experience feeling:


Connecting with your guides, removes the feeling that you are facing life all alone and you instantly feel exuberant and filled with joy.


Instead of feeling the endless exhaustion and futility of trying to figure things out, you instead will be peacefully guided in your daily life.


Confusion will give way to clarity and confidence as your spirit guides and helpers gently direct you to best path and decisions possible.

An Amazing Weekend

This has been an amazing weekend. It has been my greatest gift I could receive for my future. Thank you Sonia

Event Details:

Sonia Choquette

Meet Your Host

Sonia Choquette is celebrated worldwide as an author, spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, and transformational visionary guide. An enchanting storyteller, Sonia is known for her delightful humor and adept skill in quickly shifting people out of psychological and spiritual difficulties, and into a healthier energy flow. She is the author of 24 internationally best-selling books about intuitive awakening, personal and creative growth, and the transformational leadership capabilities that reside within, most notably with the New York Times best-seller The Answer is Simple.

During this heart-opening two day-event you will:

  • Enter the glorious world of spirit and meet your own personal Spirit guides frist hand.
  • Discover the difference between earth spirits water spirits, air spirits, fire spirits, and crazy etheric spirits, and recognize which type of spirit you are…
  • Be introduced to your personal teacher guides, healer guides, angels, joy guides, helpers, and more, as well as discover how to call them in right away, and feel their presence when they arrive.
  • Feel a genuine connection with your personal guides, and receive reassurance and support when you need it and are overwhelmed or feel all alone.
  • Learn how to play with your joy guides, and replace anxiety and fear with more fun and ease, as your guides make you laugh while helping you solve problems at the same time.
  • Receive the deep soul restoring and physically calming energy of your healer guides, and allow them to remove the obstacles, burdens, and emotional baggage that cause you to suffer.

ASK YOUR GUIDES workshop is a game-changer for so many reasons.  Once you learn how to connect with your Spirit guides and angels and feel their loving presence and support, you will never feel alone again.

Working with your Angels and Spirit guides makes your life a whole lot more comfortable, and much more fun. Your Spirit guides will usher in waves of new inspiration and creativity. With guides all around, you fill up with confidence that nothing is too big to face, and succeed in addressing.

Why continue to feel lonely or scared about anything when you can ASK YOU Guides to help you get through your challenges? With the help of your guides, your dreams turn into realities, and your anxiety and worry melt away. With the help and support of your guides, you feel like the Universe has your back, and it does, so you relax.

Sign up today and let your fears fade into the background and your spirit relax as you open to all the good things your personal team of loving guides in store for you.


10am to 5pm

November 2nd and 3rd 2019 

Eaglewood Resort
Eaglewood Resort
Eaglewood Resort


Eaglewood Resort & Spa
Itasca, Illinois

This Midwest four diamond AAA resort is highly inspired by nature, as well as the legendary work of Frank Lloyd Wright, who is known for his Prairie Path style architecture throughout the Chicagoland area.

Guests experience newly renovated interior spaces that capture the essence of its beautiful surroundings, with naturally lit meeting and guest rooms overlooking the remarkable 18-hole golf course.

This was an awesome weekend!

Remember that I can say yes to what I love! The essence is simple, profound, and sparkling… Which is all Sonia.

Registration Details


  • Two full, intimate days with Sonia
  • Private meditations
  • Personal contact with Sonia throughout the weekend
  • Breakfast and afternoon food kiosk, along with beverages throughout the day
  • Full audio recording of the entire weekend
  • An opportunity to have an enormous impact on your life!

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Refund Policy

Due to the high demand of this workshop and the limited enrollment, all refunds must be requested in writing. Full refunds minus $500.00 for requests made up to 30 days prior to the event. No refunds thirty (30) days before the start of the event. No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.


No, the majority of students that attend this training have never seen Sonia before. It is open to anyone and everyone.

No, there are several hotels in the area, but our rates are very competitive and we strongly urge students to stay on site.

Nothing. Just comfortable clothes! Clients in the past have wished they brought a journal or camera.

Yes, we can work with you on that.

We recommend Chicago O’Hare International airport.

Eaglewood Resort is located about 20 minutes from O’Hare international airport and 50 minutes from Midway airport. Room rates for single or double accommodations are $124 a night. To make room reservations please call Eaglewood at 1-877-285-6150 and ask for the Inner Wisdom or Sonia Choquette rate. Please be advised that the rate will go up after October 10th. We have negotiated rates with A1 Express Limo Service for a $26 one-way transfer from O’Hare airport to Eaglewood resort. If you are traveling by car please be aware of Chicago traffic, especially on Friday.