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About The Oracle

  • Designed to connect you with your Divine Energy
  • 63 cards each with a personal invitation
  • Become more Divinely awakened and empowered
  • Advance your soul’s growth
  • Move toward both inner peace and outer success
  • Find the answer you need to best meet every situation in life
  • Small, manageable steps that you can achieve day by day
  • Steadily advance toward your highest goals on a spiritual level
  • Begin to experience the personal success and satisfaction
  • Bring your special gifts and energy to the planet!

About Your Free Gift

Card Decks for Beginners Course – FREE with purchase of Divine Energy Oracle

We often talk about the fact that YOU are the MASTER you are seeking, and we mean it. All the creativity, answers to current dilemmas and guidance for decisions are within you.

One of the easiest and accessible ways to tap into your inner guidance is through the ancient divination technique of tarot cards. This profound system comes from pre-Egyptian culture and was designed to allow a physical means to tap into the metaphysical.

For centuries, people have used the tarot to help them gain access to spiritual knowledge and explore universal truths. The great thing is you don’t have to be spiritually inclined to get something out of the tarot. Anyone can do it! Yet it also greatly adds to any spiritual practice once you understand the ins and outs.

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Learn More About Your Free Gift

  • How to use and handle the cards
  • Preparation for working with the cards
  • What different decks are and how to use them
  • The gift of interpretation
  • What insights the cards are delivering
  • How to give readings to others
  • How to access that place of divination within you
  • What the cards can and can’t do

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