Intuition for Creating Happy Relationships

How to Create the Best Connections Possible

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Relationships! This is the number one concern I am asked of my clients. Relationships are based around love; be it the love of self, love of connection, love of others company, love of friendship or love with intimacy. Each of us define it uniquely as our own. This is why I set out to create this course, so that you can learn why intuition is your guide to creating real and happy relationships.

In this 2.5 hour course, you will begin to have a new definition of what a healthy relationship is. Learn that you actually can be who you are with people and don’t have to contort, distort or lose yourself to be with others. As you move towards greater intuition, you also move back toward greater contact with your divine nature, your beautiful authentic self. Once you start following your authentic self, you will feel more confident expressing yourself.

This course will teach you intuitive skills that will help any relationship grow in trust, understanding, creative collaboration, and with real enjoyment and support of one another, all of which are the foundation of all successful relationships. You will leave feeling joy which is your natural state, endowed with tools to make this shift a long-lasting transformation.


This course will teach you…

  • The intuitive secret of love
  • Basic Intuition
  • How to decipher non-verbal signals, body language, and communication
  • How to use your intuition to work with and eliminate fear
  • How to gain insight into jealousy, anger, sadness, and loss
  • How to untangle from people and situations that are draining your energy
  • How to work with the “right people” in your life
  • How to identify the “dead weight people” in your life and how to work with or disengage your connection
  • You’ll learn self love and how to “fall in love” with you!

This came to my attention at the perfect time

As usual, synchronicity… The Angels at work. Sonia offers easy to understand information and homework or practice sessions. The questions she has us ask ourselves are catalysts for spiritual growth. Thank you, Sonia for the guidance.
Jocelyne from Chatham, Ontario, Canada

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