Grace, Guidance, & Gifts

Sacred Lessons to Light Your Way

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Our greatest purpose in life is to free ourselves of the limiting patterns of ego and soul that keep us chained to painful, disempowered lives so that we can fully realize the authentic and holy Spirits we are. This journey can feel overwhelming—even impossible—unless we gain access to the three sacred blessings of Spirit, made available to us from God. Without them we fail.

These sacred blessings are God’s grace, inner guidance, and personal gifts.

Join me for Grace, Guidance, and Gifts: Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way, an inspiring and transformational online video course that expertly illuminates the path to a life of joy, beauty and fulfillment.

Through daily lessons, specific prayers, personal intentions, and powerful mantras, you can shower yourself with these blessings for life, move through the course at your own pace… as many times as you wish. Simply open up your heart, mind, and soul and call upon your sacred blessings to guide you on your way back home.

Grace Guidance and Gifts

This course will teach you…

  • How grace lifts you beyond your own ability
  • How inner guidance leads the way
  • That personal gifts are both the inner and outer resources given to us to succeed
  • How to bring these sacred blessings into our lives – it our responsibility to ask!

Intuitive Coach

I really enjoyed the peaceful and calming energy from this course. The beautiful setting/background is also a delightful touch. I particularly benefited a lot from Sonia’s personal guidance. Thank you so much! You’ll love this course if you want to receive some simple healing!
Yiye Zhang from London

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This Course Includes:

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Impact on your life

Your life will – bit by bit – start to change for the better.

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Mini Email Reading

That is right, the first 200 people that sign up for this course will receive a personal mini email reading to give you guidance so you can easily move forward into joy and a life of fulfillment.

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Video Lessons

Watch 13 unique and powerful video lessons.

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Lifetime Access

The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?

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