Coming Home

Discovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self

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Do you dream of the perfect relationship, having the newest dress or these days, checking to see how popular your Facebook page is? Staying busy, running from here to there trying to fill the void in your life so the sense of loneliness and emptiness disappears and it simply is not working? I truly believe that what we are missing is our own true spirit, this is the missing link that we are truly searching for. You deserve a deeper, more authentic life, where YOU are in control and you can have peace of mind and quiet your nervous system. This process of shifting and shedding old artificial selfs and old forms of ourselves and being more wholesome and authentic can be accomplished and the time is now.

It is time to push pause on all the mental and emotional attempts to make your life perfect and actually come home to your true self and your true nature.

Coming Home

Why You Want to Join…

  • Fill the void in your heart
  • Gain liberation from unhealthy choices and decisions
  • Find freedom from self doubt and anxiety
  • Experience a sense of grounded direction
  • Find an authentic connection with yourself and others
  • Experience true Peace of mind!

You Got Me Back on Track

Just finished reading, “Trust your Vibes” (for the 2nd time) I Loved it!. Having always been a strongly intuitive person most of my life, I had lost my “trust” in distinguishing my intuition from my (vivid..) imagination. I became hopelessly confused about my true intuitive guidance vs. my egoic, analytical confused, self-talk! Your book served as a strong, practical reminder as to how to get back on track… putting your words into action has really helped.
Linda from North Carolina

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Your life will – bit by bit – start to change for the better.

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Video Lessons

Watch 14 video lessons with 2 hours of teaching content.

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Visual Journey

Receive the Visual Journey to the heart video.

Sonia Choquette - Guided Meditation

Guided Meditations

Access 2 never before released grounding meditations.

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