Praise for Sonia Choquette

11/7/2013 - You Taught Me How To Reconnect
I stumbled on your book "grace guidance and gifts" in my local library, and was instantly connected and understood this book. Very suprising to me as have felt disconnected from everything in my life and have tried to "reconnect" with no success. Now I don't feel alone and unsupported in the world, and am working on myself to improve and grow to becoming a better person. I refer to it daily and whenever I need to read such beautiful words, I open to a page, and feel very comforted. Thank you so much for publishing such an amazing book.

Despina from U.K.

10/29/2013 - You Got Me Back On Track
Just finished reading, "Trust your Vibes" (for the 2nd time) I Loved it!. Having always been a strongly intuitive person most of my life, I had lost my "trust" in distinguishing my intuition from my my (vivid..) imagination. I became hopelessly confused about my true intuitive guidance vs. my egoic, anaylitical confused, self-talk! Your book served as a strong, practical reminder as to how to get back on track... putting your words into action has really helped.

Linda from North Carolina

8/13/2013 - Your Energy and Insight Are The Best
Your message on stage was great. You have opened my heart to what my eyes were hiding. The combination of your energy and information you emitted was empowering to me. However the energy of your giving of a heartfelt hug has elevated me to an energy level i have not experienced in a long time. I will do my best to give that goodwill energy you have provided to me and share it with others around me. Looking forward to my next Sonia Choquette experience.

Tony Brasacchio from Melbourne, Australia

8/11/2013 - Best Presenter at I Can Do It!
I was just at the I Can Do It weekend in Melbourne. Your session yesterday was by far my favourite session of the weekend.

I had read one of your books previously and was looking forward to hearing you speak. But I was just blown away by your presentation. Your obvious enthusiasm for what you do is infectious - as evidenced by the fact you had 3,000 people dancing with you three times!

Gordana from Australia

4/11/2013 - Thanks For Getting Me Through The Last 3 Years!
My heartfelt thanks to you, Ryan, everyone on Sonia's team, and to Sonia for helping me survive the last several years. I just had another reading this morning, and I want to give thanks for all the gifts I've received from Sonia's readings over the last three years. The help and guidance I've received has been invaluable, and I don't really have words to express my level of gratitude. Sonia is a blessing in this world, and she couldn't do what she does without the rest of you wonderful people!!

Alice Angell Green

3/19/2013 - Amazing Appointment With Sonia
I just want to thank you for the two readings you have recently done for me. They have given me so much energy and support and do so every minute of every day. I'm beginning to trust myself more in my relationships with others, and I'm adopting a softer, happier approach towards life. Thank you so much.


11/1/2012 - Brilliant
I think it is a good step in the right direction. To me it puts into perspective what cards are really meant to be: "a conversation". The way Sonia talks about it is brilliant. Consulting an oracle is a lot like having a deep, spiritual conversation.

Tatiana Rivero from Vancouver, Canada on CARD DECKS FOR BEGINNERS ONLINE COURSE

11/1/2012 - Life changing
I'm enjoying immensely this course. It's the kind of spiritual guiding I've always wished for. Deeply kind, wise, playful and soul oriented.

Tatiana Rivero from Vancouver, Canada on SITUPS 2.0

Yes! Dance Your Prayers ON, and Dance your worries OFF! I have left every dance party I've attended with Sonia feeling light and energized. She is incredibly gifted in her ability to inform our energetic awareness through experience. I'm so very grateful for this FUN monthly practice. Don't walk... Dance! And I highly recommend Dancing Your Prayers with Sonia!

Daisy from Evanston, IL on DANCE YOUR PRAYERS

10/18/2012 - Beyond Thankful
Sonia the only word i can describe this course is - Ineffable. your work has touched a deep and profound part of me that i thought that has long been lost. I'm only on Week 1, Principle 1, and i had success with manifesting 2 things overnight! that's just the icing on the cake thought, because now i see what truly matters, getting into a deep and loving relationship with my Heart. Listening to my heart, and being open to the vastness of love the Universe is truly filled with. Now i can see it, see everything through my heart, which is the most priceless thing I've even been given. Thank You Sonia, for your inspiration, passion and help. I can only imagine what the upcoming weeks would be like. I highly recommend this course to anyone that's looking to honestly and sincerely create a life filled with Love, and it can only be done from the HEART. Love Always Angali

Angali Dabideen from Canada on CREATING YOUR HEARTS DESIRE

10/18/2012 - This Course Is AWESOME!
Sonia, what a blessing and comfort to my Spirit to have taken your course Ask Your Guides. Oh my gosh, this is so much information ans has answered so many questions. And if that wasn't enough I received a name from you on one of my 33 guides that works with me. Getting to know this male energy through my course work has been a breath of fresh air. Wow! This course is awesome! I just want people to know that if they are thinking about it- please don't hesitate. Just do it... You will not regret it. Thank You Thank you. Sending my love and light. Peg

Peg Pike from Kansas on ASK YOUR GUIDES

10/18/2012 - I LOVE IT!
Hi Sonia, I just wanted to give you some feedback on your POS class. I finished Day 9 on Friday which was Give yourself a Gift. Today walking into a home improvement store, I saw some flowers that caught my eye. I decided I was going to gift myself one. I said outloud to my husband, I'm getting myself one and he picked the one I had in my mindseye of buying. When I went by the service desk that cashier told us we could check out there instead of walking to the other end of the store to check out. I told her, thank you, it was my lucky day! She smiled at me. Then when she went to scan my plant, she said "this really is your lucky day, you can have it for free... our scanner isn't registering it". You were absolutely right... when you follow your spirit, the Universe rewards. I got the plant that my spirit wanted and it was given to me for FREE!!!! I LOVE IT! My husband just smiles at me and says he doesn't know how I do it... This is the third time this has happened to me in the last month or so. I told him it's as simple as getting into the flow of life. I love it! Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. I am 28 years old and have 30 employees under me at the moment. I am not doing my "dream" job, but I know this is the platform that I have right now and I believe in it entirely. I hope to be the inspiration you are in this world and help make even the smallest difference I can by giving my employees the respect and good jobs they deserve! Thank you thank you thank you! =)

Kathryn Read from Ohio on POWER OF SPIRIT

10/18/2012 - A Well Done Course!
Sonia's course was very well done. It paralleled many things I have learned from the spiritual tradition I carry, which is an earth wisdom tradition. It was a good blend of intuitive work and practical recommendations. I love her meditations as well. Thank you, Evergreen.

Evergreen from Wisconsin on SIX SENSORY TRAINING

10/17/2012 - Balanced Approach to Being Balanced
True Balance is a great guidebook and road map to keeping your energy system tuned-up. Choquette offers practical solutions to common imbalances within our seven major energy centers. The book provides anecdotes and references to keep your balance just right. Whether you are slightly to severley "off", True Balance is the course to steer you back. An excellent resource as part of a regular mind-body well-being practice. Grounded, comforting, and based on the author's years of experience with people from all walks of life. A must for those who are sensitive to energy and/or work with lots of people on a regular basis.

Ann from Indiana, USA on TRUE BALANCE

10/3/2012 - What a Transformational Workshop
The weekend with the guide's workshop was everything I could have possibly wanted... just the Saturday morning alone was excellent. It allowed me to go thru yet another transformation... but this time the butterfly earned both the wings... thank you Sonia for the opportunity to become totally at one with all of creation... Thank you my gratitude is forever and beyond with love and blessings, Antonia Van Haeren

Antonia Van Haeren from Canada on ASK YOUR GUIDES WORKSHOP

11/1/2012 - Life changing
I'm enjoying immensely this course. It's the kind of spiritual guiding I've always wished for. Deeply kind, wise, playful and soul oriented.

Tatiana Rivero from Vancouver, Canada on SITUPS 2.0


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